Skeptical Science Video Debunks "No Warming for 16 Years" Denialist Claim

Thu, 2013-01-10 17:14Brendan DeMelle
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Skeptical Science Video Debunks "No Warming for 16 Years" Denialist Claim

The talented team at Skeptical Science produced the video below to debunk the well-worn denialist argument that there's been “no warming for 16 years” - a favorite lie of Lord Christopher Monckton and many other anti-science crusaders. It's fantastic, and deserves to be spread far and wide to anyone who is confused about this.


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Deniers show their simpleton simplistic thinking and lack of understanding of systems and interconnectedness when they say that global warming stopped ## years ago. They can't or refuse to grasp that the extra warming is going somewhere else (warmer oceans, latent heat of melting all the snow and ice). But they continue to succeed in their one true goal: creating confusion in the public mind and therefore delay in public policy and action.

Here's a simple analogy that I use to explain that global warming continues:

We've turned the oven on to 375 degrees to bake a cake. It warms up to 375 and we put the cake pan, filled with batter, in for 40 minutes. But we forget to set the timer and forget all about the cake. Just because the oven never goes higher than 375 (or +0.8 degrees C) doesn't mean that cake doesn't burn to a crisp in a few hours!


By the 1950s, smoking's cause of disease had risen to strong scientific consensus, but Big Tobacco needed an illusion of scientific controversy to keep the public in doubt. As seen in the new film Merchants of Doubt,  they developed superb marketing tactics copied by others, including the fossil fuel industry and allies.

The scientific consensus on human causation of climate change is just as strong as that on smoking, so the same tactics are used against it, plus Internet-amplified harassment of...

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