A Masterpiece of Will-ful Misinformation

Sat, 2006-04-08 12:51Ross Gelbspan
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A Masterpiece of Will-ful Misinformation

George Will's column reads like a farce. He parrots arguments advanced by the industry-paid skeptics at least 10 years ago – most of which have long since been abandoned by the skeptics themselves. A fuller, more thoughtful rebuttal, published on the “Media Matters” website, follows Will's column below.

Let Cooler Heads Prevail

The Media Heat Up Over Global Warming

George F. Will, April 2. 2006 Washington Post Writers Group

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I love his unconscious irony, “Perhaps the problem is big crusading journalism.” And your job is what again?

He is guilty of the fallacy Stacking the Deck - simply outright lying.

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So one of the climate science denial industry’s most celebrated scientists has been caught describing his research work as “deliverables” to his fossil fuel funders.

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