Al Gore Calls For Ken Cuccinelli To End Witch Hunt Against Michael Mann

Mon, 2010-07-12 13:12Brendan DeMelle
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Al Gore Calls For Ken Cuccinelli To End Witch Hunt Against Michael Mann

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore over the weekend called for Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to end his baseless witch hunt against climate scientist Michael Mann. 

Ignoring the fact that the University of Pennsylvania completely exonerated Professor Mann of any wrongdoing in the wake of the mythical “Climategate” media frenzy, Cuccinelli vows to continue his political attacks on Mann and the whole of climate science. 

In a blog post featured on Huffington Post over the weekend, Gore calls Cuccinelli’s attempts to subpoena ten years’ worth of Michael Mann’s documents “an assault on academic freedom” and “an affront to the scientific process.”

“It is time for Cuccinelli to end his witch-hunt,” Gore concludes.

Gore’s post naturally generated plenty of interest among trolls and conspiracy theorists, who immediately launched into ad hominem attacks on Gore, lauded denier ‘experts’ like Christopher Monckton (the non-scientist with a penchant for trampling Godwin’s Law), and almost entirely avoided the subject of Gore’s piece - Ken Cuccinelli. 

Why focus on the politicization of science when you can sit around dreaming up conspiracy theories about Al Gore and the U.N.?


In his legal brief to the Virginia circuit court,

Cuccinelli explains on page 21 that although there have been plenty of investigations of Mann”s research, no other investigation has looked at “whether or not Mann”s conduct violated FATA” (Virginia”s civil fraud law). So it is obvious to him that his investigation is sorely needed.

Michael Mann

Put up your hand if you’ve been a follower of news about climate change in recent years and haven’t heard of the “hockey stick” graph.

Nobody?  No, didn’t think so.

These graphs get their name because of their shape. 

They are reconstructions of the temperatures on Earth over several centuries to several millennia and they all have a repetitive tendency to turn sharply skyward showing the recent rapid warming of the Earth.

The most famous and first “hockey stick” came from research in the...

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