Asian Tiger's Bite Is Worse Than Its Meow

Thu, 2006-12-14 13:09Kevin Grandia
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Asian Tiger's Bite Is Worse Than Its Meow

Asia's greenhouse gas emissions will treble over the next 25 years, according to a report commissioned by the Asian Development Bank. It says that its estimate of future levels of greenhouse gas could even be an optimistic assessment. Air pollution and congestion will seriously hamper the ability to move people and goods effectively, it warns.

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Hey Kevin

The link to the story is broken (it’s missing an ‘m’ at the end of the address)

Here’s the correct link:

Do you think you could track down the actual report? The article quotes rates of change - which unfortunately don’t paint the whole story (spin?), i.e.

Carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles could rise 3.4 times for China and 5.8 times for India.

It would be nice to see the projected “totals” and a comparison to current emmisons from developed countries.


Follow this link through to the actual study.
Thanks Kevin

Here’s the link to the 178 page PDF report:

The comparisons/projections for “emerging asia” CO2 emmisions versus the World are summarized in Appendix I.