Bachmann and Palin Hold Climate Denier Summit In Minnesota

Fri, 2010-04-09 16:31Brendan DeMelle
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Bachmann and Palin Hold Climate Denier Summit In Minnesota

The GOP’s wonder twins, Sarah Palin and Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN), turned the Minneapolis Convention Center into climate denier central this week, offering up a huge helping of enthusiasm for dirty energy, as Palin stumped for Bachman’s re-election bid.

The Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire blog reports that “tea party fervor hit a fever-pitch” as the GOP’s “best-known females offered the thousands in attendance a lot of red meat and a healthy dose of girl power,” entering the stage to Martina McBride’s “This One’s For the Girls.”

The “Drill Baby Drill” babes had the grand old partiers all aflutter as they displayed their “mutual admiration”:

“She is so much one of us,” Bachmann said of Palin, “And as absolutely drop dead gorgeous this woman is on the outside, I’m here to testify that she is 20 times more beautiful on the inside.”

Palin responded in equally creepy fashion, recalling their first meeting in Alaska:

I knew that we’d be buddies when I met her when she said, ‘Drill here, drill now.’ And then I replied, ‘Drill, baby, drill’ and then we both said, ‘You betcha!’”

Geez, wish I had been there to witness that thrilling moment. reports :
In a side-by-side photo lineup, seven out of a random sampling of 20 Tea Party-goers at one Minnesota rally had trouble telling who was who.

“They could be sisters,” said one Tea Party member clad in a “Palin for President” t-shirt at a rally in Duluth, Minn.

Not surprisingly, Fox News’ Sean Hannity was there to conduct the interview and ask the tough questions, including whether either one of them is considering running for President in 2012:

In a bow to FOX News star Palin’s popularity, Bachmann spoke first to introduce Palin, even though it was Bachmann’s campaign rally.  Rock star Palin continued the party later that day, headlining a fundraiser for Bachmann where supporters paid as much as $10,000 to attend.

Bachmann summed up their joint appearance this way: “Take that, liberals!”

Biff! Boom! Pow!


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