Climate Change: Ideology vs. Corporate Pragmatism

Wed, 2006-03-15 09:34Richard Littlemore
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Climate Change: Ideology vs. Corporate Pragmatism

Look here for an analysis of the Bush administration's deepening isolation on climate change - even the business community is taking another side.

But be warned, the piece is authored by Eugene Linden, whose book The Winds of Change: Climate, Weather and the Destruction of Civilizations is currently winning rave reviews. That either makes Linden an impressive expert in the field, whose well-researched earlier work is winning professional acclaim, or a left-wing ideologue. Read the book before you decide.


It's amazing what qualifies for a tax break in Australia these days.

The climate science misinformation promotion unit at the Institute of Public Affairs, a Melbourne-based “free market” think tank, are currently passing the hat around to raise cash to publish a book on climate change.

The IPA has been pushing and promoting climate science denial since the...

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