Climate Science Debater to Have His Day in Court

Fri, 2006-09-15 20:04Richard Littlemore
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Climate Science Debater to Have His Day in Court

Per this Globe and Mail story,Tim Ball has filed suit against the Calgary Herald and University of Lethbridge Professor Dan Johnson.
As a sign of respect for the court process and the individuals involved, the DeSmogBlog plans no comment on this story until a Statement of Defence is filed.

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If you’re not involved in the case, what’s it matter if you say anything about it? Where is your normal scathing critique Richard?

I promise

Does the origonal letter still exist online?  And the papers clarification?  And how likely would a blogger be to get sued if they quoted from/commented upon them?

The original letter is shown at the end of the TBall PDF, if that was correctly copied from the paper -

if you do get your hands on the legal documents that were filed, that would help enormously in clearing up some of the confusion about what is at issue here. And that is before getting the defence statement.