CORE's War on the Poor and the Environment

Wed, 2008-07-30 10:55Kevin Grandia
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CORE's War on the Poor and the Environment

An organization called the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) recently launched an anti-environmentalist pro-energy campaign called the 'War on the Poor.”

CORE, along with two partnering groups, the High Impact Leadership Coalition and Americans for American Energy, announced recently that the campaigns goal is:

to publicly unmask more than 100 politicians and 50 environmental extremist groups that are waging an immoral  'war on the poor' by pushing policies that limit America’s ability to produce more America energy and drive energy prices skyward.”

So who is CORE and the other organizations behind this campaign? There's lots of information out there on these groups and over the next few days DeSmogBlog will beat the bushes, conduct the research, pull it all together and report it all right here.

Stay tuned.

For more on the who's who of the climate denial industry, check out our comprehensive climate deniers research database.

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Naomi Klein has summed up this reaction in two succinct words “Disaster Capitalism.”

Little do they know, the poor are not their (university student) sons and daughters driving daddy’s Excursion.


Every good magician knows that the key to success is misdirecting the audience. You have to draw everyone’s attention away from your ultimate goal in order to perform the trick. Politics is no different, and one of the greatest misdirections in recent memory has been pulled off by the fossil fuel industry.

While most of the environmental movement was (rightfully) focusing attention on stopping the Keystone XL tar sands export pipeline from crossing over one of the most vital aquifers in the U.S., the dirty energy industry was quietly building a network of...

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