David Koch: "There's Some Extremists" in the Tea Party, But Others "Normal People Like Us"

Thu, 2011-01-06 20:14Brendan DeMelle
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David Koch: "There's Some Extremists" in the Tea Party, But Others "Normal People Like Us"

Lee Fang from ThinkProgress was able to interview David Koch briefly today during Koch’s visit to Washington to congratulate his freshly purchased Congress. Fang persistently sought Koch’s opinion of the Tea Party, which his company Koch Industries helped to spawn through its Kochtopus network.  When asked whether he is proud of the Tea Party movement his largesse built, David Koch replied:

“There’s some extremists there, but the rank and file are just normal people like us.”

Yes folks, David Koch is just a normal person, like us. In fact he’s exactly like all the other “normal people” with an estimated worth of $21.5 billion, including his brother Charles for instance, and about four other folks in America.  They’re a rather ‘extremist’ version of normal, but hey, who defines ‘normal’ these days anyway?  Apparently the billionaire birthers of the astroturf Tea Party, that’s who.

Feast your eyes on this normal person, appearing relaxed and confident after being booed at The Nutcracker in Brooklyn before Christmas

(That other normal guy who keeps trying to block Lee Fang’s interview is Tim Phillips, president of Americans For Prosperity, which has received over $1 million from the Koch Family Foundations).

Hats off to Lee Fang for capturing this footage of what normal people think about the new Koch Congress.
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