Will We Step Onto a Cosmic Treadmill?

New research indicates that hacking the atmosphere – pumping microscopic particles into the stratosphere or clouds to block sunlight and offset global warming caused by greenhouse gases – is imminently possible.

The problem is: we could never, ever stop doing it.

Sorry Newsbusters, who's alarmist?

From the Brent Bozell oil-backed echo chamber comes a lovely screed today that clearly defines global warming “alarmism.” Or at least how it is defined by an organization devoted to outing the great Liberal conspiracy in the US media.

It also seems they're now resorting to sci-fi writers to “debunk” global warming.

And apparently, “debunk” in the mind of Newsbuster writer Noel Sheppard, has nothing to do with actual science, but the rantings of a sci fi writer named Orson Scott Card.

Queen not happy with Swindle film's distributor

RDF Television, the distributors of Martin Durkin's “Great Global Warming Swindle” have landed themselves in hot water over a documentary on the Queen.

BBC and ITV have suspended the commission of programs from RDF after it was revealed that a RDF documentary used misleading footage of the Queen storming out of a portrait sitting. RDF was forced to apologize to the BBC for the misleading footage, while the BBC chief executive was forced to apologize to the Queen. Ouch!

Seems it isn't just Durkin himself who has a penchant for misrepresentation. And to think people actually believe that Durkin's Swindle film should be aired in our schools.

Head of Friends of the Earth, Tony Juniper, has the scoop in the Guardian.

H/T to Sumptuous blog.

Tibet's Warming Provides Global Warning

While it's impossible to attach a current economic value, Tibet's most important export arguably water. Twenty per cent of the world's population depend for fresh water on one of four great rivers that originate on the Tibetan plateau.

Given that fact, the world should be concerned that, as New Scientist magazine reported this week: “The Tibetan plateau is heating up by 0.3°C each decade, more than twice the worldwide average, according to a new study from the Tibet Meteorological Bureau”

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