Climate Spat Creates Major US-German Rift

Political tensions between the US and Germany over climate change have worsened sharply, with Washington threatening to no longer “tread lightly” in negotiations on global warming ahead of the Group of Eight rich nations' summit next month. In a statement, written in red ink and obtained by the Financial Times, the US says: “We have tried to 'tread lightly' but there is only so far we can go given our fundamental opposition to the German position.”

UK's Blair nudges Bush Administration to back carbon deal next month

The prime minister, speaking on BBC TV, said climate-change awareness is gaining momentum with Americans and it’s possible the U.S. may be willing to support an agreement at the G8 summit in June on cutting carbon dioxide emissions.

Automakers Ad Up Their Denials!

Despite rising gas prices and a growing concern about climate change, the auto industry is going on the offensive to convince Americans to oppose dramatically higher fuel economy requirements.

Led by Detroit's Big Three and Toyota Motor Corp., the industry is launching print and radio ads this weekend warning consumers that fuel regulations under consideration by the U.S. Senate would lead to higher vehicle prices and smaller and less safe vehicles.

The ads feature rural pickup owners and SUV-driving soccer moms to make the case that a Senate proposal would limit consumer choice and tie the hands of automakers.

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Find James Hoggan's bio here. Please Go here to see the bio for James Hoggan.

Please find the bio for James Hoggan here

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