Wed, 2007-01-03 16:07Kevin Grandia
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And CEI's response?

This is what you call full “crisis communications” folks. Myron Ebell, who is named in the UCS report, along with his employer, the Competative Enterprise Institute, have just issued a response over the PR Newswire. It's sweat time for Ebell, because his organization is going from bad to worse in the eyes of ExxonMobil, who has provided over $2 million in funding to the Washington think-tank.

Choice quote in the CEI release: “CEI does not deny that the global mean temperature is rising and that human activities may be responsible for some or all of the warming.”

So how would the CEI account for this commercial they ran earlier this year across North America?

Wed, 2007-01-03 15:46Kevin Grandia
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And Exxon's response?

Here's and ABC news article outlining Exxon's response to the Union of Concerned Scientists well-written and scathing piece on ExxonMobil.

Choice quote from Exxon's spokeman, David Gardner: “Even with many scientific uncertainties, the risk that greenhouse gas emissions may have serious impacts justifies taking action. What is clear today is that greenhouse gas emissions are one of the factors that contribute to climate change, and that the use of fossil fuels is a major source of these emissions.”

Wed, 2007-01-03 15:07Bill Miller
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Misquoted scientists cry foul over polar bear editorial

A Vancouver Province newspaper editorial criticizing the U.S. government for proposing polar bears as a possible threatened species has the scientists it quoted crying foul. Calling the US decision “a classic case of blinkered thinking,” the Province claims that Mitchell Taylor, manager of wildlife research for the Nunavut government, has been quoted as saying that, except for Hudson Bay, “polar bears appear to be overabundant.”

“I don't even know what “overabundant” means,” said Taylor.

Wed, 2007-01-03 13:14Ross Gelbspan
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One Path To Climate Peace

A global public works program to rewire the planet would create millions of jobs, especially in developing countries. It would turn impoverished and dependent countries into trading partners. It would raise living standards abroad without compromising ours. It would undermine the economic desperation that gives rise to so much anti-US sentiment. And in a very short time, it would jump the renewable energy industry into a central, driving engine of growth of the global economy.

Tue, 2007-01-02 17:16Kevin Grandia
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Romm's hell and high water slams "denyers and delayers"

Haven't read former US department of energy, assistant secretary, Joseph Romm's book Hell or High Water yet, but I will after seeing some of the quotes from this recent book review:

Helping plant these doubts [about global warming] is a handful of scientist-commentators – “A group small enough to fit into a typical home bathroom,” writes Romm – who are often funded by the oil and gas industry and are adept at exploiting one of the media's biggest vulnerabilities: Its pursuit of balance.


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