A RealClimate Review of the Denying Duo

David Archer at www.RealClimate.org attended a recent Heartland Institute luncheon and lecture featuring the denying duo, Dennis Avery (who is famous for his misleading claims about the health risks of organic foods) and S. Fred Singer (who is famous for his coincidental scientific endorsement of industries, from big tobacco to fossil fuel, who happen to be paying money directly to him or to his Science and Environmental Policy Project).

Archer's report, Avery and Singer: Unstoppable hot air, is a play on the title of Singer's latest book, Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1,500 years.

What's our target for the rate of mugging little old ladies?

That cold, dark question appeared in the latest article by the New Yorker's incomparable Elizabeth Kolbert, one of the smartest, clearest and most engaging writers working the climate change beat today.

Kolbert was quoting Ken Caldeira, whose Caldeira Lab is part of the Carnegie Institution at Stanford University. And Caldeira was explaining why he thought our ultimate target for human-generated CO2 emissions is zero.

“If you're talking about mugging little old ladies, you don't say, 'What's our target for the rate of mugging little old ladies?'”

No Signatures on Stealth Denial Website

Here' s a chilling little website, a totally anonymous exploration of “science” that asks, hopefully, “Are we doing things that speed up this (climate) cycle or perhaps is global warming slowing the onset of the next ice age?”

Absent any mention of a funding source or a single credentialed contributor, you have to take the site with a truckload of salt. But it looks relatively credible and assumes a moderate tone - a phony even-handedness - that seems intended to draw in the unwary.

So … be wary.

S. Fred Singer: One Whopper on Top of Another

Dr. S. Fred Singer, denier for hire, wades into the Financial Post letters page today to claim, once again, that he is innocent of accepting money from big oil or big tobacco. Complaining of previous attention from the DeSmogBlog, the good doctor says:

“Although tobacco has nothing to do with the global warming debate, Mr. (Kevin) Grandia suggests that I sell my science to special interests. And since he cannot show that I am 'in the pay of the oil lobby,' tobacco will have to do.”

Well, Fred, yes we can show that you are “in the pay of the oil lobby .” Tobacco was just a bonus.

NRSP Director a "Freelance Writer" for Hire

Like some not-very illusive Scarlet Pimpernel, Natural Resources Stewardship Project (Not Really Science People) Executive Director Tom Harris is everywhere in the blogosphere these days, posting comments wherever anyone is saying positive things about the recent CBC climate change documentary, The Denial Machine .


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