Fri, 2007-04-27 07:09Richard Littlemore
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NRSP: Not Ready to Stop Perjuring

Natural Resources Stewardship Project executive director Tom Harris has been out taking advantage of small-town reporters again , going so far as to convince the Cornwall Standard Freeholde that he is a “scientist.”

He is nothing of the kind. He's a PR guy who's running a front group for an energy industry lobby firm. It's not clear how the reporter came to the erroneous conclusion, but if Harris had an ounce of integrity, he would phone the paper and demand a correction.

Thu, 2007-04-26 06:46Ross Gelbspan
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Wolfowitz Guts World Bank's Estimates of Climate Danger

One of Paul Wolfowitz's two handpicked deputies, Juan José Daboub, tried to water down references to climate change in one of the World Bank's main environmental strategy papers, the bank's chief scientist has told the Financial Times.
Thu, 2007-04-26 06:22Ross Gelbspan
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Carbon Trading Plagued By Massive Fraud: Financial Times

The police, the fraud squad and trading standards need to be looking into this. Otherwise people will lose faith in it.” – Environment Adviser of HBSC, UK's biggest bank.

Wed, 2007-04-25 07:53Ross Gelbspan
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Scientists Try to Protect British Public from A Spreading "Swindle"

Dozens of British climate scientists are trying to block the DVD release of a controversial programme that claims global warming has nothing to do with human greenhouse gas emissions. Sir John Houghton, former head of the Met Office, and Bob May, former president of the Royal Society, are among 37 experts who have called for the DVD to be heavily edited or removed from sale. The film, the “Great Global Warming Swindle,” was criticised by scientists as distorted and misleading.
Wed, 2007-04-25 06:26Richard Littlemore
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Take Heart, Ye Cynics

“I think if you‘re driving an automobile on the freeway, and you realize you‘re going to have a collision or hit something, to not put on the brakes would seem to be madness,‘‘ Richard Leakey said Tuesday, hours before his first-ever Canadian speaking engagement in Edmonton.

It's reassuring to see smart people making tart observations about climate change. It's even nicer to see those comments reported in OilWeek.


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