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Joe Fone


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Joe Fone works as a Computer Aided Design (CAD) Engineer at Enatel [7].  Previously he worked at Tait Electronics from 1977- 2002 [8]. He perceives manmade global warming as just one among many fads supported by scientists and eagerly promoted by the media, but he asserts that this is one that ‘has become a Frankenstein monster and seems to be out of control’.

Stance on Climate Change

The climate science community has been hijacked by vested interest groups, from politicians to environmentalist extremists, who are more concerned with advocacy for their causes than true unbiased scientific endeavor.  We can only hope to have begun here to redress the balance, and to ask the questions which vested interests do not want asked.” [5]

Key Quotes

Truth has nothing to do with it. To the politicians, it’s about power; to the AGW scientists, it’s about funding; to the media, it’s a marketable commodity and to the environmentalists, it’s a religious conviction and a need to impose socialist controls. The only people who care about the truth are the sceptics.” [5]

Despite oft-repeated claims by the IPCC and its fawning apologists that the planet is heading for some kind of apocalyptic meltdown, the actual empirical evidence suggests precisely the opposite. Europe and the United States are buried in record amounts of snow every year, but somehow the alarmists manage to twist even this into “evidence” of manmade global warming.” [3]

Everything it seems can be attributed to global warming, everything from acne and declining bat populations to deaf fish and zoonotic diseases ( And in order to dilute growing public scepticism and suspicions that the science is not stacking up, the alarmists shift the goal posts so that “global warming” tends to be downplayed while promoting “climate change” or “climate disruption” and now “climate challenges” to account for the obvious contradictions.” [3]

Epicurus understood more about how the earth behaves than the IPCC does two millennia later.” [4]

Key Deeds

June 15, 2013

Fone teamed up with Tom Harris, Executive Director of International Climate Science Coalition to attack Bill McKibben’s presentation while on tour in New Zealand. [1]


Authored the book “Climate Change: Natural or Manmade” which argued that humans have no effect on climate change and it is a political scam to get money and attention from the public. 



No peer-reviewed journals or research papers have been found for Joe Fone. 

He’s contributed to Investigate Magazine [5], Stuff Nation[1], and New Zealand Climate Science Coalition[6].


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