Marc Morano: "He's the turd in the punch bowl ..."

Tue, 2010-03-30 11:39Richard Littlemore
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Marc Morano: "He's the turd in the punch bowl ..."

” … that’s all he is and all he can be.”

The amazing thing about Esquire’s brilliantly written new profile on Marc Morano is that Morano himself probably loves it.

Per the quote above, Esquire writer John Richardson calls Morano a “turd in the punch bowl.” He calls him a liar, referring to “the method Morano loves best, using the laugh value of satire to displace the truth requirements of journalism.”

Yet Esquire still gives Morano 6,500 words of love and attention (the two are one and the same in Morano’s denier circles). The magazine even introduces him in the subhed as the guy who “broke the Swift Boat story and effectively stalled John Kerry’s presidential run.” (C’mon, you guys. He didn’t “break” it. He made it up.)

And that lifts Morano one notch further up the notoriety index. It throws another hundred thousand watts into the megaphone that Morano uses to overwhelm truth with “satire” - to spread fecal coliforms through all of America’s punch.

Ah well. We can only hope it’s a swan song - that the last six months will one day prove to have been the deniersphere’s best, and last success. But while we hope - and wait - I have to recommend the article. It’s very good reading.



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