Polling the Politicians On Alberta Oil Sands

Thu, 2008-02-14 11:16Terrance Berg
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Polling the Politicians On Alberta Oil Sands

Looks like the tables have been turned on political hopefuls in Alberta. Instead of them polling us, for once the politicians are being polled on their views of the Alberta oil sands development.

Launched by the Pembina Institute, the 5 minute online poll has been sent to all the candidates running in the current Alberta provincial election. The Pembina Institute's Dan Woynillowicz says:

Over the past few years, Albertans have been asked with increasing frequency to share their views on oil sands development with the Government and with pollsters. Now it's time to ask candidates who wish to serve in the next government to share their views on this important issue.”

It's an interesting model, in that opinion polls are viewed as a representation of what the average individual in a specific demographic (in this case Albertans), and in turn it is expected (or at least hoped) in a democracy that politicians will represent the wants and the needs of that demographic.

To be able to compare what Albertans think about the oil sands to what Alberta politicians think about the oil sands is a great way of finding out which party and which candidates are in line with what Albertans want.

I've not seen this done before in Canada and it would be great to see what pollsters think of the idea.

Can't wait to see the results.

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Are the identities of the polled kept secret? That is, are their choices not revealed (unless they want them to be)? It would be more accurate that way, so there’s no grandstanding or fake answers.

I’ll send an inquiry to Pembina and see. 

Got word back that they will be providing the responses for each individual candidate. 


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