Thomas Wysmuller

Thomas Wysmuller


B.A. with a dual major in sociology and political science, and a concentration in meteorology at NYU. [1]


Thomas Wysmuller is the owner of which he describes as part of the “Public Policy industry.” He gives regular speeches on “The Colder Side of Global Warming.”

Wysmuller has worked as a meteorologist for the Royal Dutch Weather Bureau in Amsterdam and was an intern at NASA. [2]

Stance on Climate Change

“There has been a stunning disconnect involving land temperatures globally and CO2, whether man-made or naturally sourced.  The oceans continue to warm, while the surface record flatlines… . It is obvious that the surface records are NOT going up - they are basically in a 0.2C flatline …” [3]

Key Quotes

“If CO2 is to be considered a major driver of temperatures, it is doing a counterintuitive dance around the numbers.” [3]

Key Deeds


Wysmuller gives regular lectures on Global Warming to universities, high schools, and public/private organizations.

May 21 - 23, 2012

Wysmuller was a speaker at the Heartland Institute's Seventh International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC7).

A Heartland press release implies that he was a “Former NASA scientist,” although according to his website, his highest position was as an intern. [4]

March 28, 2012

Wysmuller was one of 49 former “NASA scientists” to sign an open letter to NASA and the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) to cease they describe as “unbridled advocacy of CO2 being the major cause of climate change.” [5]

“We believe the claims by NASA and GISS, that man-made carbon dioxide is having a catastrophic impact on global climate change are not substantiated,” the letter stated.

SkepticalScience published a critique of the letter which was republished in The Guardian. [6], [7]


  • — Owner, 1999 to Present.

  • NAL JSC Climate Group —  Member, 2011 – 2012.

  • Walt Whitman Birthplace Association — Vice-President, 2008 - 2011.

  • Delta Dental of New York — Member, Board of Directors (1998 – 2011)

  • New Netherland Museum — Vice Chair, 1986 – 2011.

  • NYU Alumni Association — Former president, 1990 - 1992.

Source: [8]


According to a search of Google Scholar, Thomas Wysmuller has not published any articles in peer-reviewed journals on any subject.


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