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Terrance Berg is the president and CEO of Arctic Front, a Nunavut-based nonprofit coalition representing the interests of Canada's polar bears at the provincial and federal levels.

Berg's lobbying efforts resulted in the 2006 closure of the municipal dump in Churchill, Manitoba, and he has since worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the Oil Sands projects of Northern Alberta—Canada's single largest source of greenhouse-gas emissions, and the greatest domestic threat to his species.

Berg holds a graduate degree in prey stalking from northern Quebec's Kangiqsualujjuaq University, with a specialty in ringed seal and an honourable mention in walrus. He holds the title of Apex Predador, Global Circumpolar Region, and won a gold medal in the endurance swimming event (50km+ category) at the 2007 Marine Mammal Games in Pangnirtung.

He lives on Ellesmere Island, Nunavut. He has sired numerous cubs over the years, and has yet to eat a single one.