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Todd Carmichael is a 44-year-old entrepreneur and adventurer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

A passionate crusader for social and ecological causes, Carmichael has a decade-long history of undertaking self-supported treks into challenging environments. His expeditions have taken him to locations are varied as Namibia—where he completed three separate 160-mile-plus endurance desert marches—to Zambia, to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In keeping with his unwavering ethic of low-carbon, self-sufficient travel, Carmichael only brings what he can carry on his back, or, in the case of Antarctica, pull behind him on a sled.

Carmichael's November 2008 trip to the South Pole will be his third foray onto the ice. In 2004, he walked 100 miles to the pole. Last winter, unforgiving weather forced him to abandon his second Antarctic expedition. He is currently training for his upcoming quest to trek, solo and unsupported, from the ice edge to the pole; if successful, he will become the first American to do so. Along the way, Carmichael will work to raise awareness of the solutions to global warming.